In 1922, oil millionaire Alfonso Bell bought 4,500 acres that stretched from Sunset to Beverly Glen, and Sepulveda to Mulholland, for $2,500,000. Bell named the area Bel Air, or “beautiful appearance.” Bell subdivided the estate sites into one acre or larger. Bell built the Bel Air stables on Stone Canyon and a riding ring across the street on the south side of Chalon. Uniformed guards checked visitors in at the gate and escorted them into Bel Air upon request. On October 15, 1922, Bel Air officially opened. Bell built a clubhouse, tennis courts and an 18 hole golf course in 1926. Then the depression hit, and for the first time, the real estate office was forced to sell to the movie people, something they never did before. Bell wanted nothing to do with them. By the 1930s though, Bel Air picked back up again.

In 1997, JBN sold a Paul William’s home for $17,000,000. The property, located at 457 Bel Air Road, is the former estate of Grace and Henry Salvatori.

Four out of the five great estates of Bel Air were all sold by JBN. It is well established throughout the industry that JBN is the leader when it comes to selling Bel Air properties. From the East Gate to the West Gate and in between, JBN has sold almost every other major property in Bel Air.